Introduction to the School of Textiles:

Here you will find numerous articles that cover the growing and preparation of flax, ancient manufacture of linen, Jewish burial shrouds and how the Shroud was manufactured. All these enter into a variety of discussions.


Questions and Topics for Students
  • Is the Shroud of Turin is a Jewish burial shroud?
  • Does the manufacture of the linen indicate techniques that predate the middle ages?
  • What do the bleaching and retting techniques indicate?
  • What are the banding effects of the bleaching process?
  • Is the retting responsible for the iron oxide particles randomly dispersed on the Shroud?
  • Consider a research paper on one or more of these aspects.

Featured Content
Is the Shroud Jewish? (from Shroud Encounter)
Textile Analysis (from Shroud Encounter)
Shroud as a Textile: Could The Shroud Be 1st Century?
The Art of French Reweaving: The Frenway System Instructional Manual On The Technique of "Invisible Mending"


Pistacia fruits, Rahmnus thorns and the halo around the head of the man of the Shroud, by A. Danin, P. Soons, A.D. Whanger and M.W. Whanger

Textile Details of the shroud

Close up Picture of Shroud Weave

Secrets of the Dead from PBS

Frequently Asked Questions answered by Thermal Chemist Ray Rogers. Certain textile questions are answered in this Q&A

Finding the Shroud in the 21st Century, by Joseph Marino provides insights into the Shroud as a textile plus an overview of other issues

Growing and preparation of Flax

How Linen is Prepared

Linen in Bible Times

Jewish Burial Practices

Ancient Flax growth and Preparation from Pliny the Elder's Natural History (1 st Century)

More on Pliny the Elder

Banding Patterns on the Shroud

Concerning the Side Strip on the Shroud by Dr. Alan Adler and Dr. Alan Whanger. From

Microscopical Investigation of Selected Raes Threads from the Shroud of Turin by John L. Brown. From 

Natural Textile Fibres - Optical Activity, Racemization and Epimerization Dr. Silvio Diana. From

Textile Evidence Supports Skewed Radiocarbon Date of Shroud of Turin by M. Sue Benford and Joseph G. Marino. From





There are many more Journal articles listed in the Library in the Articles section. Many Journal articles cannot be linked here due to copyright restrictions. Scientific journal articles can be obtained from your school library or can be purchased from the publisher. Most schools subscribe to a journal sharing service where these articles can be accessed without a fee such as:


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