This course on the Shroud of Turin will give you a comprehensive understanding of the mysteries surrounding this artifact which is widely believed to be either the actual shroud which enveloped Jesus of Nazareth in the tomb or some sort of masterful forgery intended to convey that impression. Our course will cover what is known about the shroud from a multidisciplinary perspective. Without neglecting the religious viewpoint we will examine the shroud from the viewpoint of the science that has been done, from the history that has been adduced, from forensic medical science, as well as the many speculations about faint and elusive markings. We will touch on all the attempts by both those who accept authenticity and those who seek to understand how it might have been forged. At the end of our journey you will be fully equipped to make your own informed decision.

The course is divided into five sessions:

Video Powerpoint Powerpoint as pdf Handout
1) Introduction Powerpoint Slides PDF Handout
2) Science Powerpoint Slides PDF Handout
3) History Powerpoint Slides PDF Handout
4) Skeptics & Images Powerpoint Slides PDF Handout
5) Integration & Conclusions Powerpoint Slides PDF Handout

About Dr. Schneider:

Ray Schneider first encountered the Shroud of Turin at a religious retreat in 1962 where he attended a presentation using the 1931 Enrie photographs.

Dr. Schneider holds a B.S. in Physics, most of an M.S. in Physics, an M.S. in Engineering Science and a Ph.D. in Information Technology. He became a serious student of the Shroud of Turin about 1976 when the three dimensional characteristics were discovered.

He is a moderator and member of the Shroud Science Group which is an on-line international community of scientists, historians, archeologists and other serious investigators who research the Shroud. Dr. Schneider concentrates primarily on image processing and the image characteristics of the Shroud while maintaining a lively interest in other aspects of Shroud studies.

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