Shroud Coins Dating by Image Extraction by T.V. Oommen ( Friday, August 15, 2:30 p.m.�3:00 p.m. 

This paper describes the results of image extraction of the eye areas of the Shroud image, carried out by a Pilate Coins expert using photo image extraction techniques. The image used was a high resolution color image of the Shroud face. The right eye image shows an auger wand and the letters OY KAI AROS, and the left eye image shows the auger wand and the letters TIBERIOU. Obviously, both coins were issued by Pontius Pilate AD 30-3 1 and a good coin should have the complete set of letters, TIBRIOU KAICEROS. The obverse side could have either LIZ (year 17) or LIH(year 18) from the accession of Tiberius which would be equivalent to AD 30/31 It could be argued the coins were minted in AD 30, hence a case made for an AD 30 Crucifixion date. However, if we look for Good Friday on Nisan 15, we find that only AD 33 calendar can be used, and Nisan 15 falls on April 1, AD 33. In AD 30, Nisan falls on April 4, a Thursday. Christ�s earthly life lasted 33 1/2 years, and if we count back we arrive at a Nativity date in September, 2 BC. The latest astronomical calculations on the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem (a planetary conjunction) give a date of Sep 27, 2 BC. This date can be supported by other recent findings on the date of Herod� s death. These items are elaborated in the article with supporting documents and extracted color images.



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