Advancing the Shroud into the 21st Century: Reaching the Next Generation by Russell Breault ( Sunday, August 17, 9:00 a.m.�9:30 a.m. 

Technology is the language of today�s student. The landscape of how information is received and processed is changing rapidly. In only five years, new technologies, such as the iPod, Facebook, My Space, Video iPod, YouTube, and near universal adoption of high speed Internet services, has once again leapfrogged into full adoption by today�s youth. News�papers, magazines, and books have been replaced by digital media. In an attention deficit world, how do we as holders of the sindonology torch pass it on unless we find a way to speak the language of the emerging generation. That language is technology. 

The mission of Shroud University is to bridge the gap between the generations to create a digital environment that is inviting to students and encourages them to take a closer look at one the world�s great mysteries. Shroud University has many sections but the core is made up of 10 schools that tackle the Shroud from many different disciplines. Each school contains unique content that is either video, audio, podcast, or PowerPoint�. In addition, numerous links are organized to relevant materials as they can be found on the Internet. 

Students are encouraged to find a way to incorporate the Shroud into their academic study, such as a speech, project, or presentation. Numerous ideas are offered for student consideration. Nothing will get a student interested more than having to prepare for a class project. It is hoped that they won�t end their fascination but will continue on and join us here at the next conference. 

The presentation will be a live demonstration of how Shroud University is structured and organized with examples of various digital media.




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