VP-8 Shroud Image Analysis, Impact, and History by Peter Schumacher (Ae7c@aol.com). Friday, August 15, 9:45 a.m.� 10:15 a.m. 

Pia�s photographs and VP-8 Image Analysis represent two major moments in Shroud studies. 

When Pia developed his first glass plates in 1898, an historic moment in Shroud history was realized. A similarly astounding and historic moment was realized in the 1970�s when John Jackson, Eric Jumper, and Peter Schumacher viewed the normally pseudo-three-dimensional results of isometric gray scale projection from a VP-8 analog image analyzer on an XYZ monitor display. As with Pia�s discovery, a modern way to view the Shroud image had produced a result not anticipated of the process. Furthermore, the result would have been inconceivable to, and unable to be con�trived by, any artist or forger of any era in history related to the origins of the Shroud image itself. 

From the efforts of Jackson and Jumper and their colleagues, the 1978 investigations were permitted. The VP-8 pro�cessing results and related discoveries have proven to be an acid test for any subsequent postulations concerning image formation and Shroud origin. 

Peter Schumacher describes his Shroud involvement from the time he was an installation technician without any knowledge or concern of the Shroud to the present day. The impact of the VP-8 Image Analyzer has been a major part of Shroud studies since the first day one was installed in Colorado Springs in the basement at the home of John Jackson. The history, technology, and impact of the VP-8 Image Analyzer are presented in this paper.

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