What Went Wrong with the Shroud�s Radiocarbon Date? Setting It All in Context by Paul C. Maloney (paulcm36@ gmail.com). Saturday, August 16, 8:45 a.m.�9: 15 a.m.

The author provides a brief synopsis of the actual radiocarbon dating project along with reference to its earlier roots including the author�s own background role. In the aftermath, beginning in 1989, numerous proposals were offered by international researchers to try and explain �What went wrong?� These are summarized. Those various probes culmi�nated in the chemical and physical analysis of original Shroud threads from the so-called Raes Corner by Ray Rogers which shed much needed light on the nature of the sole source of the radiocarbon sample. The author includes comments and observations about the past and about where we go from here. The paper embraces some discussion regarding one of the proposed image mechanisms and how a new radiocarbon dating project may be designed to simultaneously test that proposal as well as the age of the cloth.


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