Russ Breault Interview by EWTN's National Catholic Radio. April, 2011
Russ Breault Interview by Terisa Tomeo for Catholic Connection during the 2010 exhibition of the Shroud 5-12-10
Russ Breault Discusses with talk show host Al Kresta the latest attempt to replicate the Shroud 10-07-09
Ray Rogers The Sudarium of Oviedo: A Study of Fiber Structures (Read by Joanna Emery) 12-27-08
Peter Schumacher VP-8 Shroud Image Analysis, Impact, and History 12-27-08
Russ Breault Advancing the Shroud into the 21st Century: Reaching the Next Generation 11-22-08
STURP Members Q and A with Sturp Members at 2008 Ohio Conference Part 1/2 11-22-08
STURP Members Q and A with Sturp Members at 2008 Ohio Conference Part 2/2 11-22-08
Robert Vilareal Former scientist with Los Alamos National Labs presents new findings on C-14 tests at 2008 Ohio Conference 11-22-08
Paul Maloney What went wrong with Carbon 14 Dating - 2008 Ohio Shroud Conference 11-22-08
Ian Dickenson Ian Dickenson uses the science of metrics to demonstrate the Shroud's antiquity. 11-22-08
Russ Breault Another interview by Al Kresta for national radio discussing latest research announced by physicist Dr. John Jackson regarding possible C-14 dating error due to carbon monoxide contamination. 5-22-08
Paul Maloney Research archaeologist, Paul Maloney was instrumental in obtaining for further analysis the Max Frei pollen collection removed from the Shroud in 1978. Paul is a gifted speaker. Hear how flowers and other plant material enter into Shroud research. 5-27-08
Isabel Piczek Part 1 of an interview with world reknown artist and scientist. Could the Shroud be the work of a medieval artist? What do the artists say? 5-5-08
Isabel Piczek Part 2: Could the Shroud be the work of Leonardo Da'Vinci?
Rev Albert Dreisbach Ecumenical implications--How the Shroud bridges the gap between Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant denominations. Taped 1998
Dr. Al Adler
Blood Chemist Dr. Al Adler discusses the importance of conserving the cloth for future generations and many other issues related to the blood and the image. Taped 1998
Dr. Fred Zugibe Dr. Zugibe, forensic medical expert and former coroner for Philadelphia, discusses the wrist wounds and the cause of death from a medical perspective. Taped 1998
Dr. Al Adler Dr. Al Adler, renowned blood chemist, discusses the blood chemistry on the Shroud, new spectrographic data on the carbon 14 dating sample, and the Sudarium of Oviedo . Taped 1998
Walter McCrone & Dr. Gil Lavoie
A Radio Debate from 2000 pitting Microscopist Walter McCrone vs. Dr. Gilbert Lavoie, Medical Internist. Artwork or Authentic?
Rex Morgan
Keynote Address from 2001 Dallas Shroud Conference Covering 100 Years of Shroud Research (© AMSTAR )
Russ Breault
Russ Breault interviewed by Al Kresta for national radio covering new C-14 dating info, Sudarium of Oviedo and the Holy Grail and its possible relationship to the Shroud. March, 2008




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